Luxury Trek along the Salkantay Route
Level 3-4
Best Months:
May - October
Set deprtures are available throughout the year
● Private departures available for groups of 6 or more. Minimum age for this trip is 11.

Your adventure begins here  with a once in a lifetime physical, cultural, and spiritual journey that will take you through the magnificent Salkantay Valley en route to the legendary ruins at Macchu Picchu. This luxury lodge to lodge trek takes you through twelve unique bio zones, changing altitudes and varied terrain. Along the way you will marvel at the exquisite beauty of the Salkantay Peak, Salkantay Glacier and Humantay Glacier Lake. You will have the opportunity to share in the culture and customs of local Andean families who maintain age-old traditions as well as witness environmental and social initiatives to maintain the natural integrity and improve quality of life in the region.

Finally, Indulge in the comfort of our enchanting mountain lodges, the innovative local cuisine, the warmth of the people, and your daily retreat to a mind-and-body recovery.

This program will enable you to be inspired by the majesty of your surroundings and the knowledge that you are following in the footsteps of the Incas.  >>Click here to join

Included In Your Adventure Package:
●  2 nights in Monestario Hotel pre hike ●  All meals indicated in itinerary
●  1 night Monestario Hotel post hike ●  7 Day Salkantay trek
●  Pre hike room has Oxygen enrichmed tent ●  1 night Inkaterra Pueblo Hotel
●  Private Sacred Valley excursion ●  Privately guided tour of Machu Picchu
●  All transfer in Peru ●  Hiram Bingham train to Cusco
Treking Photo
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