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Day 1 Mendoza, Argentina
Once you arrive in Mendoza, Argentina you will meet your guide for a private transfer back to the Hotel. We will have a nice evening out in Mendoza and enjoy the local cuisine. We will stay at Diplomatic Hotel in the heart of the city close to bars and restaurants. The first day in Mendoza is to relax after the long international flight.
Overnight Diplomatic Park Suite No Meals

Day 2 Mendoza, Argentina
After a nice breakfast at the hotel we will transfer into the city to obtain our permits for the climb. The park service requires all members of the party to sign their own permit form and fill out the appropriate information.
Overnight Diplomatic Park Suite Breakfast and Dinner

Day 3 Drive to Penitentes
After we obtain our permits we will transfer to Penitentes, approximately 4 hours away, via private transfer where we will give our bags to the mule service.
We will stay at Hotel Ayelen at the base of Penitentes Ski Resort situated at 8,900 feet.
Overnight Hotel Ayelen Twin Share Full Board

Day 4 Hike to Confluencia
After a good breakfast at Hotel Ayelen we will transfer to Horcones and sign in with the park service. From here we will begin our 10 km, 6 mile, walk towards Camp Confluencia situated at just below 3,380 meters (10,827 ft). After we arrive at camp we will have a good portion of the day to rest while we continue to acclimate. The camp has spectacular views of the surrounding peaks and is our first chance to appreciate the altitude in this arid environment.
Overnight Confluencia Camp Full Board

Day 5 Hike to Plaza Francia
After breakfast we will make our way to Plaza Francia, approximately 3,900 meters (12,795 ft), and a view of Aconcagua from the imposing South Face. There is a great viewing area for pictures and we will have lunch here at our maximum elevation. The South Face has only been climbed by a select few and its treacherous avalanches can be seen from Plaza Francia. This will be a long trek where we will take our time and adjust to the ability level of the group. We will arrive back to camp no later than 4pm and have a chance to rest before we eat dinner prepared in our dining tent.
Overnight Confluencia Camp Full Board

Day 6 Hike to Plaza de Mulas
With an early start, we will grab a good breakfast and begin our long trek towards Plaza de Mulas. This will be our longest day and will require the entire group to be prepared with ample water, snacks, and sunscreen due to the extreme aridity of this terrain. The trail follows the Valley de Los Horcones along rocky terrain as we slowly gain altitude throughout the day. We will have lunch on the trail at an unused camp site known as Refugio Ibanez. After approximately 22 km (12.2 miles) we will reach our destination of Plaza de Mulas where we will enjoy hot water, nice rooms, and good food at our dining tent in Plaza de Mulas.
Overnight Plaza de Mulas Full Board

Day 7 Rest Day
This will be a complete rest day. We encourage everyone to get out, walk around for while, and get the legs moving, but there will be no acclimating or trekking today. We will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all prepared in the dining tent.
Overnight Plaza de Mulas Full Board

Day 8 Acclimatization Hike to Cerro Bonete
After a good breakfast we will trek up a local peak, Cerro Bonete (16,430 ft) to get further acclimated and begin our preparation for our summit push. Breakfast will be served in the dining tent, and lunch will be packed to take on the trek, and dinner will be provided upon return.
Overnight Plaza de Mulas Full Board

Day 9 Acclimatization Hike to Camp Canada
Today will be our first look at the mountain and the terrain we will cover once we depart from base camp. We will climb up past Camp Canada and progress to a higher elevation to further acclimate.
Overnight Plaza de Mulas Full Board

Day 10 Rest Day
This day is dedicated as another rest day where we will have one last night in Plaza de Mulas before we begin our summit push. If desired there is a day hike for anyone who feels strong. All meals will be in the dining tent and we will pack our gear the night before.
Overnight Plaza de Mulas Full Board

Day 11 Climb to Campo Canada
After a good breakfast we will leave Plaza de Mulas and climb up the scree slopes to the pinnacles surrounding the flat promontory of Camp Canada situated at 4,907 m (16,200 ft.) Hiking time is usually 3 to 4 hours. We will spend the night here and prepare for our next day to Nido de Condores.
Overnight Camp Canada Full Board

Day 12 Climb to Nido de Condores
Today we will make our way up the mountain to Nido de Condores and will stay the night here. Nido de Condores is a large flat area with some large rocks that provide wind breaks. The view to the south, across a vast scree field called the Gran Acarreo, reveals the famous Canaleta Couloirs and the summit of Aconcagua. This will take approximately 4.5 hours with plenty of switchbacks before we reach Camp 2 at 5,395 m (17,500 ft.).
Overnight Nido de Condores Camp Full Board

Day 13 & 14 Rest Day
This day is scheduled for rest and weather.
Overnight Nido de Condores Camp Full Board

Day 15 Climb to Camp Colera
Our route from here ascends the subtle crest of the Northwest ridge towards Camp Berlin at 5,791 m (19,000 ft.). We will push on from here and move up to our high camp known as Camp Colera. This camp, situated at 5,823 m (19,200 ft.), offers better protection from the wind and is often less crowded than Berlin Camp. Camp Colera, while being a higher camp, does offer a more direct route to the summit and reduces our time at the extreme altitudes. Your guide will make this determination to proceed to this camp as we make our ascent up the mountain.
Overnight Colera Camp Full Board

Sunday January 23, 2011
From our high camp we depart between 4-5 am where the route continues along the Northwest ridge, passing the highest refuge in the world, Refugia Independencia, at 21,476 ft. From these ruins we continue climbing up and right, crossing the Cresta del Viento (Windy Crest). From here we traverse the upper part of the Gran Acarreo, which leads to the Canaleta, the most famous and challenging part of the entire climb. The Canaleta is an approximately 30 scree gully that rises 500 m (1,500 ft) and requires great patience and stamina. Above the Canaleta, we will find ourselves on the Cresta del Guanaco, the ridge that joins the lower South Summit to the higher North Summit. We follow the ridge crest to the 6,962 m (22,841 ft.) true summit, where an aluminum cross marks the highest point in the Western Hemisphere! The 360 views from the summit are awe-inspiring as you gaze out towards the numerous 6,000 m peaks of the Andes. Summiting and returning to high camp takes between 10-13 hours.
Overnight Colera Camp Full Board

Day 17 Decend to Base Camp
Today we descend back to Base Camp and have a celebratory dinner, the option for a hot shower, and plenty of rest before we make our way back to Penitentes.
Overnight Plaza de Mulas Full Board

Day 18 Return to Mendoza
In the morning we will have the opportunity to descend in two different fashions. 1) Anyone who wishes to hike the remaining 25 km will depart at 8:30 with your guide and meet the party back at the trailhead around 15:30 pm; or 2) we can descend via helicopter departing around 15:00 and arriving around 15:30 to the trailhead.
Overnight Diplomatic Park Suite Breakfast and Dinner

Day 19 Return Home
Have breakfast at the hotel and transfer to airport for our flights back home