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Clothing & Layering

• Solid Walking Boots- Boots should have ankle support with a solid Vibram®, or equivalent, sole. Gore Tex®, or other waterproofing, is recommended to have for wet days as well as added insulation. Be sure to break your boots in at least 4 WEEKS prior to departure. Additionally, bring a spare set of laces.
• Day Pack -The most important things to look for if you need to purchase one are size, hydration pack compatibility, hip and chest straps, frameless, good padding on shoulder straps and bottle holders.
• Water/Wind Proof Jacket - Your water/windproof jacket is your outer water repellent layer. Gore Tex, seam-sealed is recommended as well as a hood for added warmth.
• Water/Wind Proof Pants - Your water/wind proof pants will be worn during inclement weather. These pants are essential for wet days and should be Gore Tex®, or similar waterproofing, lined and have lower leg zips.
• 2 Pair Synthetic Warm Weather Socks - These socks are for excursion on the boat in the warmer parts of the day since they are made of a Coolmax® fabric. What is Coolmax®? - CoolMax® wicks moisture, dries quickly and breathes well, keeping your feet dry and preventing blisters.
• 2 Pair Heavier Synthetic or Wool Blend Socks - Your heavy socks are ideal for Cusco or Sacred Valley in the evenings when the temperature drops as well as on cold mornings. Merino wool is very comfortable and dries quickly with fewer odors than synthetic blends.
• Fleece Top - This Polartec® 200 weight top will provide added warmth during the evenings as well as on cold mornings. Ideally, this item is worn over a base layer and underneath your water/wind proof jacket.
• 2 Pair Pants - These convertible shorts/pants will be what we hike in every day. They should be of a lightweight, quick drying nylon material. Some come with UPF protection and mosquito protection.
• 2 Pair Long Sleeve - Your trekking shirt is what we should wear early in the climb in warmer climates. The shirt is moisture wicking, light weight, and designed for multi-day hikes.
• Mid-Layer Top - This shirt is a long sleeve version of the one provided above. The long sleeve trail shirt offers added warmth, more protection from the sun, and an additional layer for evenings and early mornings.
• Warm Hat - This fleece or wool hat is ideal for evenings and will be valuable in the event of colder weather in the mountains around Machu Picchu. The hat should be tight fitting with minimal loose ends.
• Lightweight Gloves - Fleece gloves are essential. Look for gloves that are Polartec® 200 weight with a leather reinforced palm. For more protection wind proofing is available and will add an extra layer of warmth.
• Sun Hat- A full brimmed hat is good for added shade and increased sun protection. Additionally, a neck scarf should also be considered to protect the back of the neck.
• Sun Glasses - Your sun glasses should have 100% UV protection and should reduce glare as well as visible light. The frames should be lightweight with a wrap-around design for enhanced grip and staying power.

Additional Items
• Bug Spray - DEET based products work well and we find that the spray on versions last longer and are less messy. 4-6 ounce repellents that are perspiration and splash resistant are great.
• Sun Screen - 30 SPF or higher is recommended as well as water proof and sweat proof. Banana Boat, Badger, REI, Kinesis and All Terrain are good options.
• Wide Mouth Water Bottle - A 1 liter water bottle is essential for hydrating while on the small excursions and refilling throughout the day. Stay away from glass and heavy metals and look for Lexan® for durability.
• Dry Bag - A 20 liter + dry bag is great for ensuring your personal items are safe in case of rain. Cameras, wallets, money, and any other valuables can be kept dry at all times.
• Casual Clothing - Dinners on the Amazon, and in all other area, are casual dress and you will want to have a jacket for the evenings in Cusco as well as the Sacred Valley.

Optional Items
• Camera
• Paperback book
• Journal with pen or pencil
• Person First Aid Kit (band aids, mole skin or second skin, Ibuprofen, Aspirin)
• Hand sanitizer
• Sani-wipes – These should be used for using the bathroom as they have anti-bacteria in them and are bio-degradable
• Bandanna
• Flavored chocolate/energy bars for snacks
• 2 extra garbage bags for waterproofing and separating dirty laundry
• Ear plugs
• IPod or MP3 player
• Water-flavoring to mask the iodine taste in the purified water (Cytomax or Endurox)