Top-Roping: Advanced Anchors
Rock Climbing: Advanced Anchors Course
Building on Rock Basics, this course focuses on building the more complex anchors that many great routes require. After gaining the skills required to place traditional gear, clients will have the ability to set up any route with TR accessibility. This is essential to enjoying the awesome climbs in places such as Joshua Tree where the vast majority of the climbs require gear anchors.


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Course Length:
6 Hours


Intermediate - experience required

Top-Roping: Rock Basics

Class Size Cost/Student
1 $250
2 $175
3-4 $115
5-6 $95

Equipment - In addition to the equipment we used in Rock Basics, this course will cover traditional gear such as cams and chocks. You will learn to effectively place and remove camming units as well as different types of chocks such as nuts, hexagonal chocks, and Tri-cams.

Knots - Building on the knots learned in Rock Basics, you will master several other knots necessary to build gear anchors.

Top Rope Anchors - Your instructor will show you the proper way to set up a bomber top- rope anchor. You will be shown various techniques to achieve an EARNEST anchor using passive, active, and natural protection.

After completion of this course you will qualify to take any of our advanced courses. If you’re interested in learning how to lead climb our sport or traditional climbing classes would be a good direction to go as you build on your knowlege of traditional climbing gear. As with all climbers it is always a good idea to take a climber self rescue class so that you’re always prepared for any situation