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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need to have my own equipment?
The southern Terrain will provide all the technical equipment you require.
Where do I park when I arrive?
You will need to park at the west entrance by the visitors center.  There is parking when you first pull into the park entrance as well as a gravel parking lot next to the visitor center.  Please note the visitor center closes their parking lot gates at 7 pm sharp.
Do I need to have climbing shoes?
We ask that you bring water, comfortable clothes, solid shoes, snacks, and a smile! A small day pack is nice to have but not necessary.
How long is the hike to the climbing area?
The hike from the visitors center to the climbing takes approximately 20 minutes. The start of the hike is on paved road with one side exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists. We will reach a dirt trail that will take us up to the site. This trail is steep in sections and gains 400 feet of elevation over a series of switchbacks. Once on the trail we will have great views of San Diego and Mission Trails Regional Park.
What is the youngest person that can sign up for a climb?
Eights year old is a good benchmark however we have had younger and it depends on their size. Please call us or e-mail us at to speak to a representative.
Can I schedule my own group?
We can schedule a private group any time of the week. Please contact us at or call our office on (858) 356-9411 and a Southern Terrain representative will help coordinate your group.
How hot does it get?
In the summer we are shaded from the sun until 11am. The temperatures can reach 90 degrees and we recommend bringing extra water and sunscreen with you for your climbing experience.
What if it is raining or there is rain in the forecast?
You will be notified by your guide 2 hours prior to your scheduled program if it has been cancelled. If it has rained in the past 24 hours please check your e-mail account to see if the program has been cancelled. If it starts raining during the program we will cancel only if there is a danger of staying out on the cliffs. If you have questions about whether the program is running or not please contact us at or call our office on (858) 356-9411.