Team Alignment:

At The Southern Terrain we work with teams to set goals, and then to efficiently and effectively achieve them. We work to understand your business issues and then recommend one of our development programs to achieve positive behavioral change, resulting in a more efficient and ultimately more profitable business. To help teams accomplish their personal best, we often integrate appropriate experiential or adventure activities.

Our first-hand experience shows that appropriately facilitated team discussions or experiential activities develop enduring and effective relationships between team members and enable individuals to push past their ‘limits’ to achieve their personal best. By harnessing our unparalleled team development experience, we are able to select appropriate activities, overcome resistance and cynicism, measure the program to achieve tangible results and meet your team's goals.

The benefits of undertaking a Southern Terrain program are client-specific; however the overwhelming majority of clients find that the programs assisted in:

        • Creating team cohesion
        • Developing relationships with colleagues & clients
        • Building leadership skills
        • Ensuring clarity & congruity of corporate & personal goals
        • Improving trust between team members & clients
        • Customized Team Alignment Programs

The Southern Terrain has a wide range of professional development services which we have provided to many fortune 500 companies over the past 12 years. All programs are unique, challenging and produce positive outcomes. We collaborate with each client to customize activities which are based upon your specific goals and learning objectives. Options would include effective team based problem solving, leadership development and expanding the creative process for sales and marketing. Each of these includes an engaging creative process where participants can integrate practice and theory while realizing their potential. Debriefing after each activity applies the results back to the work place and increases your company’s productivity.

Our goal is enhanced performance of your most valuable resource- your employees! We provide positive experiences that enhance the journey of learning. Our expertise ranges from providing in-depth teambuilding programs to providing an interactive experience that will create a common thread and unite your group.